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About Human Eyeballs Traffic…
First… what we are about to tell you is going to tick a lot of “traffic sellers” off!

Bob Beckett & James Starr have been in the traffic industry for 13+ years building email lists and audiences into the millions and earning a generous income online.  One problem that they found in the traffic industry was where there is lots of money to be made… lots of scammers come running!

These scammers will literally send you fake robot clicks and some more intelligent scammers will even have scripts to insert names and emails into your optin forms… making it seem like you are getting great traffic!  They even have scripts to open and click your first and second emails, making you think these fake leads are engaging! The only problem is, fake robot leads obviously aren’t intelligent enough to buy anything from you!

This is why we came up with Human Eyeballs Traffic!  We want you to “Feel The Human Difference™”, by blocking out all the fake robot traffic, run them through our proprietary system that literally takes 5+ steps for a visitor to go through which proves they are real human beings, and then finally they come to your offer!
After launching Human Eyeballs Traffic in January of 2016, we have successfully sold and delivered 1,000,000s of bot free clicks, which resulted in 100’s and 100’s of testimonials!